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Voicereel Production

Tin Can Audio offers high quality voicereel production, whether it's simply a case of editing together an existing portfolio or taking a couple of days in the studio to craft the right material for you, we can do it all!

As well as a recording space we also have an extensive library of ad scripts and reading material including plays, monologues, books, journals and poetry. Whatever your voice suits, we'll find it.


Editing - Mixing

Take an existing portfolio of voice work and edit/mix it down into a voicereel.


Recording - Mixing - Editing

A day in our studio recording material you provide yourself, which will then be edited and mixed into a voicereel. Ideal for actors who wish to add to their existing portfolio or have some experience acting in other fields and wish to branch out into voice work.


Scripts - Recording - Mixing - Editing

A day or more spent in our studio finding and recording material from our library of scripts both corporate and creative. We work with you to make the recording as perfect as possible, after which the tape will be edited and mixed down into a voicereel.


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