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Camlann (2024)

An epic fantasy audio drama from Tin Can Audio

One day, every apocalypse happened at once.
Follow three survivors and their dog as they try
to understand what happened to the world, and build a home from the ashes.

​Camlann is a post-apocalyptic fantasy series about the necessity of hope for survival.

Dai, Morgan, Perry and their noble wolfhound Gelert venture out into the Welsh countryside to escape the devastation that hordes of folkloric monsters have wrought among the cities.

Not to mention the "Knights of the Round Table", a former university rugby team turned maniacal feudal lordship on the hunt for their Sir Peredur, and the witch Morgan Le Fay.

Our haphazard group just want a safe haven, the means to survive, and a fire they can gather around at night and tell stories.



Written by Ella Watts


Tobias Weatherburn

Robyn Holdaway

Angharad Phillips

Nicole Miners

Paul Warren

With guest appearances from

Dimitri Gripari

Christina Appana

Peter Wicks

KC Finn

Beth Crane

Felix Trench

Will de Renzy-Martin

David Charles

Fay Roberts

Pip Gladwin

Marc Sollinger

Amy Rockson

Ross McFarlane

Amber Devereux

Sarah Grant

Hobbes the Lion

Directed by Ella Watts

Original Music by Amber Devereux

Additional Music Direction by Alessa Catterall

Original Artwork by Elin Manon

Script Consultancy from Amber Devereux and Ross McFarlane

Production Management from Ross McFarlane

Additional sound design by Oliver Morris & Cai Gwilym Pritchard


Produced by Amber Devereux

A Tin Can Audio Production supported by Creative Scotland and the Inevitable Foundation

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