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Anamnesis: An Audio Drama (2023)

An experimental microfiction audio drama made live on Twitch

Anamnesis: An Audio Drama is an experimental microfiction audio drama, adapted from a playthrough of solo journaling game Anamnesis by Sam Leigh and was made over the course of 8 weeks entirely live on Tin Can Audio's Twitch channel (now archived on Youtube)

It features the voices of Mark Gallie (The Tower, I Am Loud) Sam Leigh (creator of Anamnesis) as well as the voices of members of Tin Can Audio's Ko-Fi Community Discord. It also features immersive sound design and original music.

The series takes inspiration from films such as Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, audio dramas such as Alice Isn't Dead and The Lightning Bottler, as well as games like Hollow Knight, Hyper Light Drifter, and the Silent Hill series, and tabletop RPGs like Nibiru.


Performed by Mark Gallie

Sound design and music by Amber Devereux

Additional voices by
Sam Leigh
Michelle Kan
Francesca Arazmis Ross
Ryan Barrowman
Kat Fireblade
Michael Furo
Ollie Morris
And Mark Gallie

Artwork by Arazmis

Featuring samples of the audiobook version of Anamnesis narrated by Sam Leigh, used with permission.

This audio drama was made live on stream at

No books were harmed in the making of this show

Written by Amber Devereux, adapted from a playthrough of Anamnesis written by Sam Leigh and published by Blinking Birch Games.

Made for the 2022 Anamnesis Jam

A Tin Can Audio Production

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