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The Tower (2019)

An experimental audio drama miniseries from Tin Can Audio

At the centre of the city lies The Tower, an abandoned relic of a forgotten age, built by a proud king who wanted to rule the sky as well as the land.


It stretches up into the sky, through the smog.

One night, Kiri decides to leave behind her suffocating, isolated life in the city and climb the Tower, not quite understanding why.


As she climbs, she finds payphones, and she calls those who she has left behind. 


However, the Tower holds many secrets and unsolved mysteries that haven't been disturbed for a long time.



Written and produced by David Devereux


Katrina Allen

David Pellow

Mark Gallie

With guest appearances from

Sarah Golding

Sarah Grant

Charlotte Ryder

Roger Best

Original Music by David Devereux

A Tin Can Audio Production

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