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Tin Can (2016 - 2018)

'a one man sci-fi audio drama by David Devereux'

'Tin Can' is the story of Gene Reynolds, a pilot who becomes stranded out in space after an accident aboard a ship.

Debuting in July 2016, 'Tin Can' was initially a tech demo by Scottish sound designer and musician David Devereux. However it had a much, much more positive reception than expected and soon the show became a fully formed audio drama podcast, lasting 14  episodes before concluding in 2018


Written and produced by David Devereux


David Devereux

Anna Rose James

With guest appearances from

David Pellow

Elizabeth Clutterbuck

Rowan Birkett

Roger Best

Katrina Allen

Cameron Clow

Malcolm Rumbles

Julia Douglas

John Bruce

Rosie Doyle

Calum Ballantyne

Leona Crancher

'A subtle & sparse space exploration show with great writing, wonderful voice acting, and masterful sound design. Lovely pacing and a compelling story make it one of the few podcasts I've listened to more than once through.'

- Sarah Rhea Werner (Girl In Space)

'Ridiculously good sounding sci-fi drama, and all made by one guy!'

- MarsCorp

'Tin Can does a great job of good writing, compelling drama, and being an all around good show. Also the deeper you go the more the world and complexity opens to something much bigger going on.'

- Alex C Telander (Ostium)

'very nicely produced audio drama...definitely worth a listen.'

- Jeremy Mortimer

'simply CANNOT be missed if you are ANY fan of The Expanse, The Spinward Fringe series, or just sci-fi in general'

- That Daft Punk

'[This] spaceman story is fantastic'

- Irene Berry (David's Grandma)

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