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The Dungeon Economic Model (2020)

Educating townships on the benefits of a dungeon and monster based economy.

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The Dungeon Economic Model is a series of informational mind incursions designed to provide townships with instruction and information concerning the business of The Dungeon Economic Model.

A combination of Dungeons & Dragons and British post-war public information films, as well as parodying fantasy RPG tropes. The Dungeon Economic Model also takes inspiration from the humour of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams, as well as podcasts such as Quid Pro Euro, Beef and Dairy Network and Stellar Firma.

With a Baroque-flavoured soundtrack and a mad audio playground of sound design, The Dungeon Economic Model features adventurers, dragons, Elder Badgers, Eldritch creatures and Byzantine bureaucratic procedures.


Written by Cameron Clow

Performed by Roger Best

with Beth Crane as 'The Royal Seal'

Created and produced by Amber Devereux

Production Coordination by David Pellow

Artwork by Beth Crane

Original Music by David Devereux

A Tin Can Audio Production

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