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We Have A New Show!

Greetings everyone!

This is just a quick message to tell you about our latest podcast, Love & Wards, the first episode of which debuts this Friday (12th Feb).

Love & Wards: Conversations With My Parents is Tin Can Audio's first non-fiction podcast. In September 2020 I interviewed my parents about their time working in the NHS over the past 30 years. My dad is a doctor and my mum was a nurse before I came along.

I then took the interview tape and turned it into an 8 part series with music and some minimalistic sound design (which is a first from us!) featuring stories about the highs and lows of working in the NHS as well as some of the technological and ideological changes that have occured within the UK health system over the past 30 years.

It's also the story of learning how my parents met (something I'd never asked them before) and finding out how they weathered their 20s, as well as learning a bit more about where I came from.

The trailer for Love & Wards is available now wherever you get your podcasts. The first episode will drop on Friday, with a new episode released every two weeks. If you'd like to listen to the whole series straight away, you can pre-order the whole series on our Bandcamp page and have all 8 episodes in your inbox on Friday!

I'm very proud of this show, I think it's one of the best things I've done. I'm glad that I get the chance to share some of the wild stories I grew up with, and some others that even I didn't know!


If you like what we do and you want to help us make more, you can buy us hot beverages on ko-fi. You can also support us by buying something from our Bandcamp, where we have the soundtracks to our show as well as extra music.

If you want to support us long term, you can sign up to our Patreon, where you'll receive additional content such as blooper reels, live content and interviews with our cast & crew.

All that being said, the best support you can give is listening to our shows and telling other people about them. Word-of-mouth is everything to small indie podcasters, and hearing from people who have enjoyed our work is what keeps us going.

Thank you for listening.




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