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Tin Can Audio In 2021

Greetings, and welcome to the first Tin Can Audio newsletter for 2021!

My name is David Devereux, I'm a writer, musician, sound designer and audio producer here at Tin Can Audio, and I'll be sharing a little bit on what we've been up to in the past month, as well as some thoughts and ramblings on sound design, music, podcasting, writing, and, it seems, other stuff as well.

This month I'd like to share what you can expect from Tin Can Audio in 2021. What you can expect from our podcasts and some of the other things we're up to this year.


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Here is our release schedule for 2021:

- February 2021 - Love & Wards: Conversations With My Parents

- March 2021 - Folxlore: Season 1

- September 2021 - The Tower Part II

- November 2021 - Middle:Below II: Ghost Town

#1 Love & Wards: Conversations With My Parents

Earlier on this year I interviewed both my parents about their time working in the NHS. My dad is a doctor and my mum was a nurse, prior to me showing up.

I took the 3 hours worth of interview tape and turned it into an 8 part podcast series about working in medicine, from 2 people who've spent around 30 years of their lives working in the National Health Service.

We talked about education, the dark sense of humour, how the NHS has changed in the last few decades, as well as how my parents met, and how I spent the first few years of my life as a small, apparently just as talkative, baby.

Love & Wards: Conversations With My Parents will be released February 2021. Expect a trailer very soon.

I am very proud of this project. I've grown up half remembering many of these stories and to return to them as an adult and hearing how my parents spent their 20s has been a very rewarding experience, I hope you enjoy it!

#2 Folxlore Season 1

In early December last year, we finished recording Season 1 of our collaboration with In The Works: Folxlore.

Bibi, Syd and Ross have taken what we started in the first three pilot episodes and have written an audio series that is terrifying, mysterious, and with a focus on experimental storytelling that I cannot wait to start editing!

The first season of Folxlore will be releasing in early March. We will have more news very soon!

#3 The Tower Part II

Last weekend Katrina, Pellow, Mark and I, through some minor miracle, realised we were all available to record, so we dropped everything and managed to get the entirety of the next part of The Tower recorded. Now begins the process of editing and, most importantly, putting the music together.

I'm so excited to start making more music for this series. I've had a few loose ideas kicking around my head for the past few months and I'm looking forward to seeing if!

The Tower Part II will be releasing in September 2021, with Patreons getting early access to both the whole series and the soundtrack.

Stay tuned also for a special Twitch stream where I'll be improvising and recording some musical ideas for Part II, and get an in-depth look at how this show is made.

#4 Middle:Below II: Ghost Town

This is the announcement I've been the most worried about. It's been slow going recording season 2 of our weird little ghost show and we're about halfway through the recording process. But, we have a good team, some fantastic new people helping us to put the show together, and I am confident we can finally release the next part of Middle:Below.


I'd like to take a minute here to thank you for listening to our shows in 2020. It's been difficult and we've made a lot of changes to how we make things and how we engage with the wonderful people who listen to the things we make. We didn't have a lot of releases but I hope everything we are releasing in the coming months will be something of a thank you for your patience.

From all of us here at Tin Can Audio, Happy New Year, and we hope you stick around for all we have planned for 2021


If you like what we do and you want to help us make more, you can buy us hot beverages on ko-fi. You can also support us by buying something from our bandcamp, where we have the soundtracks to our show as well as extra music.

If you want to support us long term, you can sign up to our Patreon, where you'll receive additional content such as blooper reels, live content and interviews with our cast & crew.

All that being said, the best support you can give is listening to our shows and telling other people about them. Word-of-mouth is everything to small indie podcasters, and hearing from people who have enjoyed our work is what keeps us going.

Thank you for listening.




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