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Tin Can Audio Has Joined The Rusty Quill Network

A page on the Rusty Quill website promoting the new Tin Can Audio Presents feed. The artwork featuring the Tin Can Audio logo is on the right, with text on the left. Text reads: 'This feed is home to collection of podcasts by the talented David Devereux and their production studio Tin Can Audio. Tin Can Audio Presents a collection of unusual genre podcasts and Experimental Oddities collected here and featuring introductions by their creator the feed aims to immerse, inspire and engage listeners. Tin Can Audio are known for unusual and highly original podcasts produced in small batches. Listeners will find popular podcasts including the experimental The Tower which documents one woman’s climb to the top of a mysterious and impossibly tall tower in and effort to escape their suffocating existence in the world below. The Witty Short episodes of the Dungeon Economic Model. The Whovian Horror of Middle:Below and more.'

About a year ago, I was contacted by Rusty Quill about the potential of joining their podcast network. I'd worked for RQ as an editor and sound designer mainly for Stellar Firma way back in 2018 as well as brief stints working on Outliers and The Magnus Archives. I was interested in hearing what they had to say and, after months of talks, organising, tech issues, and paperwork, we're excited to launch a brand new podcast feed where you can find all of our shows in one place.

Tin Can Audio Presents collates our audio fiction series Middle:Below, The Tower & The Dungeon Economic Model, as well as our non-fiction series Love & Wards all in one feed, with an introduction to each series from myself talking a little bit about the show and where it came from.

The wonderful thing about this feed is that it allows us to experiment even more with audio storytelling, there are so many ideas and little audio thought experiments that I've really wanted to make, but aren't enough for a full podcast series. Having this feed allows us to explore those weird little ideas, so expect the occasional one-offs or two-parters, I have a couple of very strange ideas in the works!

For our long time listeners who have been subscribed to our feeds for some time, don't worry, we're not going to be closing down the original show feeds. This new feed is an experiment, that by putting all of our shows in one place it makes it easier for new listeners to find everything that we make, without having to scan the show notes for links or search through Twitter for that one time it was mentioned somewhere. You can just sit back, put your headphones on, and enjoy some odd little audio fiction stories.

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