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The Tower Part 3, Folxlore, and a New Audio Drama!

Greetings everyone!

My name is David Devereux, I'm a writer, musician, sound designer and audio producer here at Tin Can Audio, and I'll be sharing a little bit on what we've been up, as well as some thoughts and ramblings on sound design, music, podcasting, writing, and, it seems, other stuff as well.


The Tower Part III is out now! We are two episodes into the six episode season on The Tower podcast feed, and we've been delighted with the feedback we've received, including a lovely write-up from SimpleCasts by Roshan Singh Sambhi.

We also have some photos from the live show! Which went very well, despite half the team (including myself) being very ill with colds.

I spent a good few days afterwards being a big puddle of cold, but I was very, very happy with how the show turned out, I was so sorry I couldn't speak to people afterwards as my throat had closed up!

We were very lucky with The Tower Part III in that we were able to get funding from Creative Scotland to help us make it. I plan on doing a full project write-up talking about how we managed the budget and where the money went soon, once I've cleared everything with Creative Scotland (and made sure the numbers add up the way they're supposed to)

Moving forward to the end of last month: we released more Folxlore!

If you've been curious about our collection of queer horror stories made in collaboration with In The Works, we released 3 mini-episodes into the podcast feed at the weekend, along with an announcement that Season 2 of Folxlore will be released in Spring 2023.

It's been fantastic to return to this terrifying show. It is a priviledge to work with such incredible writing talent and to bring these fantastic stories to life.

We also have one more, final announcement: we are starting work on a new audio drama project tonight, and what's more, you can watch it being made!

We are going to be adapting a game of the solo journaling game Anamnesis into an audio drama as part of the Anamnesis Jam, and I'll be streaming the whole process on the Tin Can Audio Twitch channel, from writing to recording to editing to sound design to scoring and mixing.

(I think it technically counts as an actual play? Trust me to find a way to make an actual play without having any friends)

We'll be starting with playing the game and using the prompts to write the basics of a story on stream TONIGHT (Wednesday 2nd November at 8pm UK time) on the Tin Can Audio Twitch channel. We'll be playing the game, using tarot cards to generate prompts, and discover what kind of story we're going to be telling with this new story.

This is a big, scary project for me. I'm used to making audio drama on my own and it's exciting and slightly intimidating to be opening up the entire process. If you've ever been curious how something like The Tower gets made, this is a great opportunity to find out!


Thank you for reading to the end! Here is a picture of my cat as a reward:

(we can tell it's getting cold because she's found a new place to sleep)

If you like what we do and you want to help us make more, you can buy us hot beverages on ko-fi. You can also support us by buying something from our bandcamp, where we have the soundtracks to our show as well as extra music.

All that being said, the best support you can give is listening to our shows and telling other people about them. Word-of-mouth is everything to small indie podcasters, and hearing from people who have enjoyed our work is what keeps us going.



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