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Out Now: Camlann Episode 1 (plus: Listen-Along Stream!)

The podcast artwork for Camlann. A campfire burns in the centre of a wood. There is a small house to the left of the fire. In the smoke of the fire are the outlines of a wolf and a horse
artwork by Elin Manon, graphic design by Comharra Media


Most of last year was spent putting this show together, working with a fantastic cast and crew on this epic story about hope and monsters.

To celebrate release day (15th January) we are going to be hosting a listen-along stream on the Tin Can Audio Twitch channel tonight at 8pm UTC, where I'll be joined by series writer and director Ella Watts, as well as some of our excellent cast. We'll be talking about the series, how it was made, and no doubt falling into many nerdy audio/Arthuriana tangent holes.

Later on in the week I'll be hosting some more streams going into a little bit more depth about the sound design and scoring process for the series. I was allowed to try out a completely new method of recording for me, and it's changed a lot about how I approach audio drama, I can't wait to talk about it!

If you can't make it along to the streams, I'll be archiving each stream on the Tin Can Audio Youtube channel shortly after broadcast.

(there's going to be quite a few exciting things happening with the Youtube channel this year so it's worth a follow)

We hope to see you there!



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