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LIVE SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT: 31st August - The Old Hairdressers


At the end of this month I'm going to be doing something new (and scary).

I'm going to be performing my first ever solo audio storytelling set (still figuring out what to call it) in Glasgow, supporting The Wind podcast on the 31st August at The Old Hairdressers.

I'll be debuting a new piece talking about what went into the creation of The Tower and a little bit about the journey I went through while making it.

I'll also be joined by Cal Bannerman of Stories From The Hearth and sound artist joshua breen-tucci.

I've been wanting to start experimenting with live shows like this all year so I'm very excited to make and perform something that isn't a surprisingly viral TikTok meme.

If you can't make it to Glasgow, I'm hoping to record the performance and, depending on how well the show goes, I'm considering turning this practice into part of my Twitch streaming, so you won't miss out I promise!



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