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I Promise I Will Stop Talking About Doctor Who Soon (also: The Wire)

Greetings everyone!

My name is David Devereux, I'm a writer, musician, sound designer and audio producer here at Tin Can Audio, and I'll be sharing a little bit on what we've been up, as well as some thoughts and ramblings on sound design, music, podcasting, writing, and, it seems, other stuff as well.

A picture of me in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

I am not long back from my first holiday in 2 and a half years ( Ican't imagine why it's been so long). My partner and I spent a few days in Paris followed by a few days in Berlin, a city I have wanted to visit for a very long time. It was a wonderful trip, with highlights including playing a theremin (badly) and a Mellotron (somewhat well) at the Musikinstrumenten-Museum (Musical Instrument Museum) and being a nerd at the Computerspielemuseum (Computer Game Museum)

Suffice to say...I can't wait to go back.

There are only a couple of things to talk about this month, but they're all pretty big things!


I'm Working On A Podcast About The Wire

This is another one to file under 'Surreal Things I Get To Work On In 2022'.

I was asked to be an audio editor alongside an incredible team at Campside Media on a podcast celebrating the 20th anniversary of the HBO series The Wire, featuring interviews with the cast and crew of the show. Episode 1 came out yesterday.

This is the thing that's going to keep me busy for the next month or so. It's been a bit of a trial by fire but I've been lucky to be working for some very supportive (and very patient) creatives.


Realms of Peril & Glory Presents Nibiru: Erebus

Last month saw the release of an actual play two-parter on the Realms of Peril & Glory feed, which I was fortunate to be a player in as well as the sound designer. Nibiru: Erebus is set in the beautiful, terrifying world of Nibiru and features lost memories, some fun creature design and a lot of water sound design.

I'm still very new to playing TTRPGs so I was very nervous about being a part of this story, but everyone was very understanding and I'm so glad it's come out so well, and it was a lot of fun getting to build the world of the game.


Doctor Who Music! A Doctor Who Interview! Another Doctor Who Podcast! Help!

After seeing a few people post about it online, and a couple of rips of the music from the podcast, I have uploaded a full version of the Doctor Who Redacted main theme to Youtube. I'm contractually not allowed to distribute it buuut if a person wanted a copy there are websites to download audio from Youtube videos. ...not that I'd know anything about that.

The other reason I wanted to upload a full version is that people are making title sequences for Doctor Who Redacted and I love all of them!

Speaking of the music for Doctor Who: Redacted, I sat down with Paul Simpson of Scifi Bulletin to talk about the process of making the theme and working on the show. You can find my interview with Paul here.

The final Doctor Who thing (I promise) is that I recently appeared on a new podcast discussing the original Russell T Davies era of Doctor Who called The Empty Children. I joined the regular hosts for Episode 2 (The End of the World) and regular cast member David Pellow makes an appearance in Episode 3, which was released just this week! You can find The Empty Children wherever you get your podcasts.


Thank you for reading to the end! Here is a picture of my cat as a reward:

If you like what we do and you want to help us make more, you can buy us hot beverages on ko-fi. You can also support us by buying something from our bandcamp, where we have the soundtracks to our show as well as extra music.

All that being said, the best support you can give is listening to our shows and telling other people about them. Word-of-mouth is everything to small indie podcasters, and hearing from people who have enjoyed our work is what keeps us going.



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