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Coming Soon - The Tower Part III


I am absolutely delighted to announce that at the end of September 2022 we will be releasing Part 3 of our audio fiction concept album The Tower. The first trailer was released today!

The Tower Part III sees Kiri ascending into the clouds into a world of constant, thick, wet mist, with the sound of a distant foghorn accompanying her. She begins to uncover more secrets about the tower and its dark past, and realizes that a greater power has been awakened within.

The Tower has always been a reaction to big changes, and a lot changed for all of us this year: we joined a network, some of us got married, I came out as non-binary. This new, unsteady ground was the backdrop to making Part 3.

Thanks to funding from Creative Scotland, this series has had the benefit of multiple R&D sessions with the cast to help shape the story and learn what they thought their characters were going through. I've also had the benefit of a brilliant producer who didn't let me get away with anything. I think this is the best written part of the series as a result.

We were also able to record in person again, something I didn't realise I missed. It was the first time we had all been in the same place since recording Part 1 in 2018.

A selfie of the team of The Tower. To the left of the picture are Katrina Allen and David Pellow, on the right is Mark Gallie (who is taking the selfie) and David Devereux
'Oh wait, we haven't taken any photos, get a selfie quick!'

Part 3 almost feels like a return to Part 1. A lot of motifs, themes and sounds make a

return. It's about reckoning with the past, and how it much we allow it to define our

present and the future.

The Tower Part III will be available on most podcast platforms, as well as an album on Tin Can Audio’s Bandcamp page. The first episode will debut at the end of September 2022, with new episodes released monthly. Monthly supporters to our Ko-Fi page will receive the whole series in September.


If you like what we do and you want to help us make more, you can buy us hot beverages on ko-fi. You can also support us by buying something from our bandcamp, where we have the soundtracks to our show as well as extra music.

All that being said, the best support you can give is listening to our shows and telling other people about them. Word-of-mouth is everything to small indie podcasters, and hearing from people who have enjoyed our work is what keeps us going.



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