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Available Now: Folxlore Season 2!

A GIF of the Folxlore season 2 thumbnail: an old timey clock that slowly lights up. Around the clock it says 'Folxlore tic-toc', and the fingers light up to show it is 25 past three.

Glasgow’s award-winning experimental queer horror podcast is back!

In February 2020, Folxlore burst onto the podcast scene in sensational fashion

winning three Audio Verse Awards including Best New Storytelling Production, and

featuring as one of only two independent fiction podcasts in The Atlantic’s '50 Best

Podcasts' of the year. Three years on and the puzzlebox of audio horror by queers,

for queers launched its final season on March 5th 2023 with Episode 1: 'Stuck'.

Folxlore has depicted, subverted, or in other ways given a voice to queer fears from

passing in public to parenthood, paranoia to private landlords, all with a recognisable

Glasgow patter, and all with an innovative experimental approach to the audio

medium. The final season promises even more of the same.

I am so excited to share this new, final season of Folxlore. It's been a true joy to work some incredible writers and performers who have repeatedly challenged my ideas of what's possible in audio drama. This new season features some of the best sound design work I think I've ever done.

(this is not an example of that)

Episode 1 is available now on the Folxlore podcast feed, with new episodes released weekly.

I hope you enjoy listening to these queer horror stories as much as we enjoyed creating them!



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