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Camlann: Season 1, Episode 1: "Keep The Home Fires Burning"

Transcript created: 10th January 2024

Last updated: 17th January 2024


Dai lights a fire.

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The Welsh folk song featured in this episode is Tân yn Llŷn, a protest song about the destruction of Penyberth. 

This episode featured: Tobias Weatherburn as Dai, Angharad Phillips as Morgan, Robyn Holdaway as Perry, Paul Warren as Gwaine and Peter Wicks as The News Anchor. Special thanks to Hobbes the Lion for playing Gelert. This episode was written and directed by Ella Watts, with original scoring and sound design from Amber Devereux at Tin Can Audio, and additional Music Direction from Alessa Catterall. Our Production Manager is Ross McFarlane.

This episode is dedicated to Angharad Gilbey, without whom this show would not exist. Caru ti, cariad.

Special thanks to: Angharad Gilbey, Holly Thwaites Bee, Samuel Thompson, Sara-Luise Edge-Smith, Elizabeth Campbell, Marc Sollinger, Sarah Shachat, David K. Barnes, Rosenkranz Vermilion and Max Degan. We wouldn’t have got here without you.

Diolch yn fawr iawn am wrando. Thank you so much for listening.

Keep the fires burning.

Content Warnings: Fantasy Violence, Strong Language, Fantasy Disaster, Death and Grief. 




[A crackling bonfire – beyond its soft spitting and crackles, wind rushes through the trees of a surrounding forest and a stream burbles at a distance.]


[Dai begins singing acapella – his voice is soft and masculine, with a light Welsh accent.]


DAI: Beth am gynna tan fel y tan yn Llyn?

Beth am gynnau tan fel y tan yn Llyn?

Tan yn en calon, a than yn ein gwaith,

Tan yn ein crefydd, a than dros ein hiaith.

Tah, tan, tan, tan,

Beth am gynnau tan fel y tan yn Llyn?


[Dai breathes heavily on his hands, rubbing them together. The fire crackles louder, an owl hoots from the forest.]


[A banjo plucks a tune reminiscent of the one Dai was singing to himself, with single reverberating notes. Dai begins to speak as the music continues.]


DAI: Listen. I’m going to tell you a story about hope. Well, it’s a story about losing hope. It’s a story about losing everything and everyone you ever loved. Even the people you didn’t know you loved until - anyway.


[A piano and strings accompany the banjo – accenting the individual notes with melancholy chords.]


DAI: The point is that this is big. I’ve got so much to tell you I feel like I could have forever and I wouldn’t have enough time. I guess it’s kind of like life that way. But this story is nothing like the life you’ve known before.


[The strings become more hopefully, major, legato.]


DAI: This is a story about magic and monsters. It’s about knights and dragons, witches and kings. It’s about life and death and dreams and love and everyone who’s ever hidden in the dark where you think they can’t see you.


Yeah. Me too.


I think sometimes things get so bad, you become convinced that the only way out is to burn it all down and try again.


Let’s start there. One day-


[The music reaches a small crescendo and recedes to soft, single notes of the plucking banjo.]


DAI: -the world ended.


[The music fades entirely.]





[An otherworldly roar – like the squeal of a boar but louder, lower and deeper. Trees bend and sticks crack as a small group of people run away from the roar through a forest.]


[A banjo plays fast, energetic, urgently.]


[Dai, out-of-breath, shouts as he runs through the forest.]




[Perry, also clearly running, shouts back, a short distance away from Dai. Their voice is androgynous, English and precise.]


PERRY: DAI! Up here!! It can’t climb the slope. Come on!!


[Dai breathes heavily as he attempts to scramble up a hill, upending dirt, snapping twigs, pulling out roots. His feet slip on the mud and he comes to a halt.]


DAI: (to himself) How the hell am I supposed to get up this thing?


[Heavy footsteps run towards and stop close to Dai.]


[Morgan replies. Her voice is low, feminine, with a Welsh accent.]


MORGAN: Take my hand.


DAI: Morgan! Oh my god, you’re alive. (pause) You’re bleeding.


MORGAN: I’m fine. Take my hand, Dai, quickly!


[Dai grabs Morgan’s hand and both climb the hill, breathing heavy, occasionally their feet slip in the mud, until they are at the top.]


DAI: Where’s Gelert?


MORGAN: Running interference


[The chasing creature roars again, this time accompanied by the sounds of a barking dog harrying it.]


PERRY: Are you both ok?




DAI: Morgan’s bleeding. I don’t want to alarm you, but has anyone noticed that the giant pig is gaining on us?


PERRY: I’m on it


MORGAN: You have a plan?


DAI: One that doesn’t require any stupid noble idiots sacrificing 

themselves, right?


PERRY: Do you see that cottage? Proper old stone Welsh walls. I think if we can get inside, it’ll hold even if Twrch Trwyth does catch up with us.


MORGAN: Not sure that’s an if-


[Trees strain, bend and break as the barking dog continues to badger Twrch Trwyth.]


DAI: Sorry, did you just say Twrch Trwyth? As in Culhwch ac Olwen? With a comb on his back?

PERRY: That’s the one. Poisonous spines too, which is fun for us

[The squeal again, accompanied by rumbling, cracking trees, and a sudden yelp of pain from Gelert.]

MORGAN: GEL! Perry, whatever the plan is, we need it now.

PERRY: Morgan, you pick the lock on the door and get Dai inside whilst me and Gelert run interference to buy you time.

DAI: I hate that plan

MORGAN: Sounds good

PERRY: On my mark...GO!

[Perry’s runs away from Morgan and Dai pushing aside leaves and branches. Twrch Trwyth squeals.]

PERRY: (growing distant) Hey! Giant pig!! Over here! Over here! Nice tasty snack just waiting for you. Here. Here! Look at me! Over here!

DAI: I didn’t agree to this!

MORGAN: Tough. Come on!

[Perry, Gelert and Twrch Trwyth get more distant behind Morgan and Dai’s breathing and running footsteps, moving from forest floor to gravel.]

[Dai stops running.]

MORGAN: Don’t even think about it

DAI: I’m not just going to stand here and watch them die!

[More trees crash to the ground, the Twrch Trwyth squeals closer again.]

MORGAN: Is this it? Is this the moment where you want to find out whether you have any real power?

[Distantly, Perry grunts with effort, and the boar squeals. Gelert continues barking furiously.]


DAI: Fine. 


MORGAN: That’s what I thought.


[A lockpick rattle in the lock, and then a metal snap. Morgan slams her hands on the wooden door, exhaling in frustration.]




[Perry shouts in pain, still a distance away, but the boar’s hoofs are now scuffing the gravel and soil like a horse champing the earth.]


DAI: Morgs - not to rush you or anything, but I think we’re running out of 



MORGAN: I’m trying Dai! 


[Morgan is starting to panic. DAI gets closer to her.]


DAI: Hey, hey, it’s ok. Look at me. Seriously, we’ve got...seconds. Look at me. Breathe. Slow down. You can do this.


[The boar squeals again, furious, and the champing of hoofs in the gravel sounds closer now. Perry and Gerelt’s footsteps speed towards Dai and Morgan across the gravel]




[The lock picks clicks. The boar squeals again, terrifyingly loud and terrifyingly close, drowning out everything else, until - The door swings open! Perry, Gerelt, Morgan and Dai all tumble inside and slam the wooden door shut behind them, seconds before Twrch Trwyth crashes into the cottage with a thunderous slam.]


[The building rocks. The group inside breath heavily, trembling. Dust hisses from the ceiling. The wood of the door splinters, creaks, cracks. Gerelt whines in distress.]


DAI: Perry?




PERRY: (very soft) Wait for it


[Another thunderous crash. The building rocks again: dust hiss from the ceiling, creak from the door, cupboards rattling, glasses humming. Gelert whines more urgently. Rustle of fabric as Morgan crouches and kisses him.]


MORGAN: (soft) It’s ok Gel. Good boy. It’s going to be ok.


[Another thump. The building shakes. In the silence that follows, Gelert pants and the trio breathe heavily and shaky, out of breath and terrified.]


[After a terribly long pause, the heavy, heavy thud of hooves begins to move away from the cottage. They wait.]


PERRY: OK, I think we’re safe.


MORGAN: (in physical pain) Since when?


[Morgan exhales in pain as she sits down on a wooden chair with a wince. Gelert whines and she pets him.]


PERRY: Let me look at that


[Dai starts to wander off, his slow footsteps causing a high rasp from every floorboard. A cupboard opens with a loud creek.]


PERRY : Dai? Where are you going?


DAI: Just looking around


[Morgan hisses in pain as Perry starts to treat her wound.]


PERRY: Okay, this is going to sting a little bit…


[Perry’s voice fades as Dai wanders into a different room. His footsteps move through the space carefully, reverently.]


DAI: Hey! If there’s anyone here, you can come out now. (pause) The - that thing is gone. You’re safe. We’re not going to hurt you. We’re the good guys. 

[Dai climbs a couple of creaking stairs, and opens an old wooden door.]

DAI: Hello? 

[The soft sound of floorboards creaking under carpeted floors. He opens another door.]

DAI: (soft) Please?

[Dai closes the door, braces himself.]

DAI: [Deep breath] Ok. That’s understandable, All things considered.

[Gingerly, Dai comes back downstairs. Gelert wags his tail and whinnies softly when Dai reappears.]

DAI: No one.

PERRY: Dai -

DAI: You ok, Morgan?

[Gelert gets up, tail wagging, claws clicking on the stone floor, snuffling and licking Dai’s hand.]

DAI: (as the others talk) Hey Gel. It’s ok buddy. Who’s the bravest wolfhound in Wales? You are! Yes, you are!


MORGAN: I’m fine. Perry’s still good with a needle.


PERRY: I think I’m getting better.


DAI: So. What now?


[The background noises of the scene fades.]


[The Camlann theme plays:]


DAI: Camlann, Episode One: Keep the Home Fires Burning.


[The music fades.]





[Gerelt’s claws scraping on flagstone floors, his bell jingling as he moves. Rain on the windows, wooden chairs that scrape on the stone when they move.]


PERRY : Morgan, are you able to move?


MORGAN: I’ve had worse.


DAI: Not sure that answers the question.

MORGAN: We live in the apocalypse, Dai.


PERRY: Speaking of which! Let’s do a search of the premises. You know the drill, standard Phenomena warning signs: skittering, hissing, unearthly whispers, weird smells, an indescribable feeling of melancholy, all that 



MORGAN: Who’s going where?


PERRY: Morgan, I want you in the garage - see if there’s anything we can salvage, but please don’t strain yourself. Your pain tolerance scares me but I don’t want to have to you sew you up again, we’re getting short on sterilised thread.


[Morgan scrapes her chair back and stands.]


MORGAN: I promise not to tear my stitches


DAI: What about me?


PERRY: Dai, you do another check of this cottage. If there is anything here, it’s the kind of creature that prefers to stay hidden


DAI: An ambush predator. Great.


MORGAN: And you, Perry?


PERRY: I’m going to take the studio down the hill.


DAI: The one half-buried in the woods? Absolutely not. That’s suicide.


PERRY: I’m the only one here with a Name. I’ll be fine. We’re nearly out of food, let alone meds and fuel. We need supplies now.


MORGAN: You’re the only one here with a knight’s name. But point taken. Be careful.


PERRY: When am I not?


DAI: Do you actually want us to answer that?


PERRY: Walkie talkies?


[Perry pushes a button and a walkie-talkie beeps to indicate it’s on.]


DAI: (through the static of a walkie-talkie) Aye aye, captain


PERRY: Salt, iron, silver?


DAI: Call me Dean Winchester




DAI: Spoilsport


PERRY: Okay (deep exhale) see you guys back here in an hour. 


MORGAN: Gelert! (whistle) Heel.


[Gelert trots over to Morgan’s side. Perry opens the door to the outside, rain and wind rush in with the sound of the outdoors - forest and the stream.]


DAI: Have fun with nature!


[The door slams shut, leaving the sound of heavy rain and wind battering the windows.]





[Footsteps step carefully over carpet covering creaking wooden floors, linen rustles, mice and other things skitter, chitter, and chirrup.]


[Dai is rummaging through a room - opening wooden drawers, pulling out blankets and mouldering fabric, papers, tat, plastic objects etc as he talk to himself.]


DAI: (deep exhale) Wool blanket, wool blanket, wool blanket, ooh, magazine! And another wool blanket. 


[Heavy metal clunk as Dai hits something metal. Drag of metal and plastic on wood as he pulls it towards him.]


DAI: Hello there. I know you. CB Radio, right? And if you have batteries then....


[Pause as DAI fiddles with the radio, turning it on. Sudden burst of static.]


[A News Anchor in a clipped, RP English accent reads a prepared statement over the static as Dai continues to talk to himself.]


NEWS ANCHOR: This is the Emergency Broadcasting Service. This country is under attack - 


DAI: YES!!! I’m a genius. Ok, Morgan’s a genius because she’s the one who actually got obsessed with these when she was thirteen but…


NEWS ANCHOR: -communications have been severely disrupted-


[Dai starts switching stations.]


NEWS ANCHOR: -the number of casualties is not yet known, but-


DAI: Yeah yeah yeah. Who else is out there?


[Click, burst, static; repeat. He presses a button on the receiver and starts speaking into it.]


[DAI switches the stations, playfully changing inflection and accent as he does.]


DAI: Hello? Hello? // Bravo Alpha Niner. // Can you hear me? // Is anyone out there? // Take me to your leader.


[Gwaine’s voice comes through the radio, distorted and behind a thick layer of static. His voice is young, gruff, masculine, with a Scottish accent.]


GWAINE: Holy shit, Dai???


[Clatter as DAI drops the receiver and scrambles away from the radio.]


DAI: No. Absolutely not.


[Gwaine speaks closer into the radio with intensity.]


GWAINE: Dai? Hello? Hello, is anyone there? What station is this? If you can hear me, I can hear you. I’m here. Hello? Jesus Christ I thought you were dead. Hello? Can you hear me? Dai. (pause) Dai. Are you there? (pause) Please.


DAI: Oh god this is real.


[Creak of floorboards as Dai crawls back across the floor, click as he picks up the receiver and presses the button.]


DAI: Hello?




DAI: Are you actually Gwaine? My Gwaine, Gwaine Turner. Because if you’re not then you have to tell me right now.



DAI: If you’re a ghost or an echo or whatever then I don’t think I can do this.


GWAINE: You think I’m one of the Phenomena.


DAI: Can you prove you’re not?


[Silence. For several seconds, the room fills with silence and the patter of the storm outside.]


DAI: ... Gwaine?




DAI: What?


GWAINE: You hate blue M&Ms


DAI: No I don’t


GWAINE: Yes you do. You always pick them out and put them aside. Whenever you share a packet, the only ones that are left are blue. Every time. They don’t even taste different.


DAI: It’s actually you


GWAINE: Your turn


DAI: I’m sorry?


GWAINE: Well, you’ve convinced me this could all be a really horrible trick. Convince me that you’re my Dai.


[Dai giggles to himself and without hesitation replies.]


DAI: April first. First year.


GWAINE: Fuck. Hi.


DAI: (smiling) Hi.





[Cold stone echoing, cavern like space, wind and rain outside with the rustling of the trees. Gelert’s claws skitter on stone as he sniffs all the interesting things in his surroundings. Metal clanks as MORGAN moves things about. There is a persistent drip of a leak in the roof.]


MORGAN: Right, let’s see what we’ve got here. Right… well, that’s pointless… 

and… oh, I could use this… oh that could- no that’s also pointless… erm, this could be good.


[A door bangs open and Morgan drops something small and plastic sending it clattering to the ground.]


MORGAN: Fuck! Jesus, Perry, don’t do that.


[Gerelt whines.]


PERRY: Sorry, sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you.


MORGAN: It’s fine. Just jumpy.


PERRY: How’s it looking?


MORGAN: Good. Amazingly good, actually. I’m guessing they were hippies or something, but this place is pretty much self-sustaining. I honestly don’t know why they left. I mean, the Cataclysm hit the cities hardest right? This is basically the perfect place to weather the apocalypse.


PERRY: Unless there’s something hiding in the woods.


MORGAN: Did you find anything?


PERRY: No, but I’m not ready to let my guard down yet.


MORGAN: I think we should stay here. At least for a few days. I mean - they’ve got water filtration, food. I actually think I might be able to get this truck working. Perry, we’ve got petrol.


PERRY: (smiling) Basically luxury.


MORGAN: (serious) Calling Dai Frodo is only going to go so far to convince him to keep hiking. 


PERRY: Fair point.


MORGAN: How was the studio?


PERRY: Good. I mean, hippies or preppers, they’ve got enough medical supplies down there to last us a year at least. If we’re lucky and we don’t get attacked too often.


MORGAN: Lithium?


PERRY: No, we’ll need to go into town for that. But he’s not out yet, right?


MORGAN: No, he’ll tell us.


PERRY: I agree about staying here. You’re right about the supplies, and it’s getting colder. I really don’t want us to be out in the woods come Samhain. And I don’t know how we’re going to survive wild camping in Wales in midwinter.


MORGAN: Have you spoken to Dai?


PERRY: Not yet.


MORGAN: He’s not going to love it.


PERRY: He’ll understand.




[Picking up mid-conversation with Dai and Gwaine on the radio. Rain patters against the window. Gwaine’s voice is distorted by the radio, Dai’s finger clicking the plastic button, subtle wooden creaks through carpeted floorboards as Dai adjusts his weight, patter of rain on the windows and the roof.]


GWAINE: I thought you were dead


DAI: Funny how that happens


GWAINE: Where are you? What happened?


DAI: Shouldn’t I be asking you that question?




DAI: I mean, you’re the one who left in the middle of the night with no explanation. The one who abandoned us in the heart of Bannau Brycheiniog, surrounded by Gwragedd Annwn and dead kings and god knows what else. You stole half our food! 


GWAINE: It wasn’t -


DAI: Perry knew you’d betrayed us. They said you were a coward. They said it from the start. They didn’t even want to let you come. They knew you’d go running back to Arthur the second you got the chance. 


But not me! I’m the idiot. I’m the gullible, stupid idiot who insisted there was no way that you could have done that to us. To me. Because I trusted you.


So instead we mourned you. I mourned you. Because the only other explanation was that you had been taken in the night and were dead or worse. We looked for you for weeks. We couldn’t even find a corpse. 


And now you’re alive. So explain that to me.


GWAINE: You don’t know what it’s like.


DAI: I think I’ve got an idea.


[Unnerving, march-like piano softly fades in as Gwaine talks.]

GWAINE: Not all this. Arthur. The Knights. The story. It’s always singing in the back of my head. It feels like someone put a magnet in my skull.

I tried to fight it. I tried so hard, Dai. But I just couldn’t. I could feel it pulling against me like an elastic band with every step we took that took me away from him. I just wasn’t strong enough.

DAI: Why didn’t you tell me?


GWAINE: I didn’t want to feel weak.


DAI: Gwaine -


GWAINE: That doesn’t matter now. I’m getting out.


DAI: But you just said -


GWAINE: I’m choosing a different story. Gwaine doesn’t always stay in Arthur’s court. He adventures. And if I focus hard enough on the right stories they give me an escape route.

DAI: You’re not in Glastonbury?

GWAINE: Bristol. Hiding from the patrols, mostly. It’s how I found this thing in the first place. (pause) Dai. I want to find you. It’s why I left. It’s the story I made for myself. You’re my damsel in distress.


DAI: (smiling) I’m not a damsel. I am in distress.


GWAINE: So? Give me a heading?


DAI: You already betrayed us once. Betrayed me. How do I know this isn’t some ploy for Arthur to get Perry back? Or Morgan?


GWAINE: I wouldn’t -


DAI: You did.


[Rumbling and scraping of rubble being moved aside on Gwaine’s side of the radio.]


GWAINE: Look, I can’t stay here. I’ll take this with me, keep using this frequency. Just think about it, alright?


DAI: Wales. We’re in Wales. Head North-West. And Gwaine?




DAI: Please don’t die again.


GWAINE: I make no promises.


[The music and the rain outside fades.]





[Outside. The rain has stopped, but the wind still rustles the leaves and branches of the trees, and the stream babbles, full and fast. Wood clanks on wood as the group gathers.]


MORGAN: Tell me again what we’re doing here


DAI: It’s a surprise


MORGAN: Great. Is it a surprise we can open inside, where it’s slightly less freezing cold?

[Dai is running around stacking wood into a pile.]


DAI: No, just give me a minute. Perry, can you help me with this?


[Perry steps to the wood pile and drops a log on with a heavy breath.]


PERRY: I’m not sure I want to be complicit in whatever this is.


[Perry and Dai heave an especially heavy log…]


DAI+PERRY: 3…2…1…


[…and drop it onto the stack.]


DAI: Thank you! Right. So, we’re staying here. It’s the little cottage that 

could. Fine.


MORGAN: Honestly, you’re taking it better than I thought you would.


DAI: I love you too, Morgan.


PERRY: This relates to the big pile of wood how?


DAI: Obviously the biggest problem with living our best hermit lives is that our chances of finding anyone else who survived the Cataclysm have plummeted right down to infinitesimal


PERRY: Not necessarily a bad thing


DAI: So I have decided on direct action. Drumroll please.


[Dai pauses. Nothing happens. He huffs, and begins to beat a drumroll on his thighs.]


[Finishing his drumroll, Dai picks up a canister of petrol and pours it over the wood.]


MORGAN: Dai! We need that!


[Dai lights the fire. There’s a big whoosh of flame. Gerelt barks excitedly.]


PERRY: What are you doing?


DAI: I’m lighting the beacons! Anyone who’s anywhere near here will see this and know that we’re safe. That we’re alive, and that they can come and find us.


[The Camlann theme fades in over the conversation. The fire crackles heartily.]


PERRY: Oh my God


MORGAN: Do you have any idea how dangerous this is? Have you thought about it at all? What if it attracts the Phenomena?


DAI: Then we’ll handle it


MORGAN: What if we can’t handle it?


DAI: We’ll figure something out. Morgan, seriously. It’s the end of the world. We’re on our own. It’s been nine months and the only other people we’ve seen in all that time are those morons in Glastonbury.


If anyone else survived then the odds are that they’re alone too. That they’re lost, and scared, and cold, and looking for a light in the dark. We can be that light. It’s worth the risk. 


PERRY: What if the Knights see it?


DAI: From Somerset? Look, my geography’s bad but -


MORGAN: They’ll be looking for us. For me and Perry. 


DAI: And they haven’t found us yet! Please. Just let me try.


MORGAN: If anything happens, and I mean anything, we’re putting it out.


DAI: Yes! Caru ti cariad!


[Dai hugs Morgan.]


MORGAN: Yeah, alright, I’m great. Now I’m going back inside. (whistling) Come on Gelert.


[Morgan walks away. Perry hesitates.]


DAI: Perry?


PERRY: It’s not a terrible idea


DAI: You hate it


PERRY: It’s just... 


DAI: Just what?


PERRY: I envy you, I guess


DAI: Envy me? Envy what?


PERRY: I guess I don’t believe the world is coming back. I don’t think we get that choice. I think, probably, this is it.


DAI: I don’t either


PERRY: Yeah, you do. (pause) See you inside, ok? It’ll be getting dark soon. Don’t stay out too long.


[Perry walks away. Dai rubs his hands together, warming them by the fire.]


[Dai hums “Tan Yn Llyn” under his breath.]


[The fire pops, snaps, crackles.]


[The Camlann theme plays.]





ELLA: Camlann, Episode One: Keep the Home Fires Burning, was written and directed by Ella Watts. It was produced by Amber Devereux. Our production manager is Ross Macfarlane.


This episode featured Tobias Weatherburn as Dai, Angharad Phillips as Morgan, Robyn Holdaway as  Perry, Paul Warren as Gwaine and Peter Wicks as the News Anchor. Special thanks to Hobbes the lion for playing Gelert. Original score by Amber Devereux and additional music direction by Alessa Caterall.


This podcast is a Tin Can Audio Production, made possible with support from Creative Scotland and The Inevitable Foundation.

[The Camlann theme finishes, and fades.]

ELLA: Keep the fires burning.



ELLA: Hello! It’s Ella here, right at the very end of the episode with a bit of housekeeping for you. First of all, thank you so much for listening to the first episode of Camlann. This podcast has  been in my heart for eight years and I can’t believe it’s finally real. 


Episodes are going to be released every two weeks on Mondays. If you’d like to follow us on social media, you can do that wherever the internet is found @camlannpod. If you’d like to give us a tip, we’d be very grateful for your support. 


Whilst series one of Camlann was generously funded by Creative Scotland and The Inevitable Foundation, we currently have no guarantee of future funding for more series. If you like the show and you want to give us a bit of cash, you can give us a tip on Ko-Fi dot com slash Camlannpod or on Patreon. 


This money will be used exclusively on the show for things like producing merchandise, performing live shows and producing future seasons. As a team, we are committed to only doing these things if we can pay our creatives a fair wage, so none of this is guaranteed. But much like our core trio, we live in hope.


If you’d like to join me, Amber and occasionally other members of the cast and crew for a live listen along of each episode of Camlann as it releases, you can do that on Mondays from eight til ten pm GMT. On Wednesdays at the same time, Amber will be taking you through the process of composing the music for the show, and on our off-weeks, Amber will be doing a production  stream on Mondays where they break apart the project file for each episode and explain how they did the sound design.


These streams are always a fun and cozy time, and if you have any questions about the show for Amber and I, it’s a good opportunity to ask them.


Finally, I’d like to give you a podcast recommendation! Specifically, two podcast recommendations. The first is New Year’s Day. This is a brand new annual podcast from Lauren Shippen, the brilliant talent behind shows like The Bright Sessions and Bridgewater. New Year’s Day is a very slow burn enemies to lovers queer romance about a pair of magicians. I won’t tell you more, it’ll spoil it, but the first three episodes are up now and they’re a treat.


My second recommendation is We Know None. This series is about a young woman looking for her missing girlfriend and getting sucked into a horrifying conspiracy. If you know the show The Magnus Archives, this is a bit like that, but about queer women and set in Wales. It’s great, I love it.


Thank you so much again for your support, and remember - keep the fires burning. Diolch am wrando.

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